Module 4 – Business Systemisation

Imagine going on holiday for 3 months and coming back wealthier than when you left. I have a client who does just that.

The only way to achieve this is by developing processes and systems and training your team to use them.

Business is a complex system of processes and as humans we find it difficult to see the wood from the trees. There is just too much going on all at the same time and when something goes wrong, the knock on effect creates havoc.

Problem solving is at the heart of the solution. Our mission is to seek out areas of poor performance and then find the root cause. It is quite normal that there may only be two or three root causes within a complex system that leads to poor performance. Once these are identified and addressed the results can be outstanding.  It’s all about unlocking the constraints within your business.

You will select your top ten processes from our process & system inventory template and work on the top one first. You will see massive results within weeks of starting this process.

Full implementation of systems in your business will take time and will become standard practice. It is important to continually improve every process and system to achieve operational excellence.

Why Bother?
Learning the knowledge skills and implementing processes and systems is how your operations become excellent.

Implementing touch points is the beginning of creating your customer service program. Continuous improvement of your customer service will deliver outstanding results. Eventually your customers will become your marketing department.

NeilNeil Taylor – Hip Entertainment

“Bob has been my Non Exec Business Development Director for a little over three months and has already made a serious impact on my business. Bob looked at our lead generation process and within a month we have tripled the level of enquiries we are receiving. We are now working on business systemisation. I’d be more than happy to have a chat with anyone interested in using Bob to help develop their business.”

Business System Lessons

1.4.1 Introduction to Systems

Successful businesses have successful systems and processes. This workbook will demonstrate the benefits of business systemisation, process documentation and start your thinking process to develop your own. You will learn how introducing standard operating procedures to maintain high levels of professionalism will enable you to grow your business in a methodical and manageable way.

There are two great case studies; the McDonald’s and the Starbucks stories as excellent examples of success through systemisation.

1.4.2 Problem Solving

Problems are generally not about people, they are more often about the system. The aim of this workbook is to help you understand how to approach problems differently. Effective businesses rely on effective communication and that is stifled in a blame culture; we will show you that problems are better managed;  not by finding out who was responsible and blaming them, but by introducing systems-first thinking and encouraging solution focused analysis.

1.4.3 Systems Inventory

All businesses are run using systems and processes; documenting them is the first step to creating real value within your business because it means you are removing the need for any key individual to be a part of it.

A Systems Inventory is a generic list of the core functions of business split down into business processes and systems. It is a tool that will give you direction and clarity when developing the processes and systems documents that are unique to your business.

1.4.4 Visualising Order

Seeing the process mapped out in front of you, allows you to see the problems and issues. The simple act of documenting your processes in this way will identify new opportunities to improve and streamline them, creating opportunities to further improve your results.

1.4.5 System Documentation

Systems and process documentation must be easy to communicate to all personnel at all levels and must be regularly reviewed and updated; we recommend managing them through a continuous update and improvement process.

Learning how to complete the template will help you systemise your business simply and quickly. The faster you systemise the faster you will realise your freedom.

1.4.6 Touch Points

World class businesses focus on customers and their customer experience because they know they get a better return from their investment in it. Good customer experiences build trust and loyalty, returning customers and word of mouth marketing.

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