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How It Works

Business is a process. If you become a expert within each part of the process, you will have mastered business.

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Normally people who become business owners have no formal training on how to do it. Did you?

I know I didn’t and learnt the hard way by making lots of mistakes and trying to pick up as much knowledge as I could over time. This is where I say, I wish I knew me 25 years ago, my business journey would have been far more rapid. You have the opportunity to get to where you want on a fast track. You simply have to take time out to learn.

The free business lessons I have written are conceptual. This means they are short and fast, just giving you the ideas and concepts that you can apply to your business.  If you need support go to the support page and I will answer any questions.

The Modules

Module 1 – Leadership

Module 2 – Planning

Module 3 – Marketing Strategy

Module 4 – Process & Systemisation

Module 5 – Winning Teams

Module 6 – Finance

Module 7 – Marketing Communications

Module 8 – Sales

Licence Agreement

You are allowed to download the files and use them to help you grow your business. You are not allowed to use them to help others to grow their business making money from the process. If you are a business coach and would like to use the workbooks, I have a white version you can rebrand. We can negotiate the terms. The workbooks are copyright protected to Freedom Business Coaching Ltd.