Module 7 – Marketing Communications

So you have a business with operation excellence and you can make profits, but does anyone know you exist?

How do you tell the world that you are the best business in your field serving a particular market sector? This is the challenge for most businesses.

What is your existing customer retention strategy?

What is your new customer acquisition strategy?

What is the life time value of one customer?

What is the acquisition cost of one customer?

The answers to these questions are within this module.  We will take you through a complete marketing campaign example, showing you the business plan objectives and how they can be achieved using marketing to generate qualified leads that can then be converted into orders and profit.

We will also show you how to get a return from your marketing. The method of knowing how many new customers you will get for any amount of marketing investment.

Why Bother?
Once you have learned and implemented the concepts, ideas and knowledge in this module, you will be able to develop your own automated, qualified lead generation system. A very valuable asset when it comes to selling your business.

You will also be shown how to write communications that sell, learn the methods, processes and secrets from the most successful copywriters and the essential skill of influencing prospects to take action and respond to your communications.

JaneJane Gordon – Life Choice
“Bob brings strategic thought and hands on ability to put strategic thought into action. Keeps to the issues that need addressing. Bob has the ability to think strategically and uses practical skills to apply the strategies. His business experience is second to none. His personal experience of everyday business allows him to dovetail effectively with business leaders and thus apply practical solutions to individual problems that arise from many different types of organisational problems”

Marketing Communication Lessons

1.7.1 Competitive Advantage

If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete. Jack Welsh 

To position your business for growth you must first be able to interpret and understand your environment, and how your business fits strategically.  Your findings will form the basis of your marketing communications.

1.7.2 Benefits

You will learn about the difference between features and benefits, and how emotion can make your communications stand out.

Writing communications that work and sell will drive more customers and more sales to your business. Learning to copy write and communicate skilfully will give you the edge over your competition.

1.7.3 How to Write Copy

You will learn how to write effective sales copy for emails, letters and advertising.

Writing great copy is the difference between success and failure. Learning the skills and knowledge of how professional copy writers communicate will give you the edge over your competition.

1.7.4 Marketing Communication

Learning to use many communication methods within campaigns will create better results. Understand how each method works and what results you can expect. This will help you to design your marketing campaigns effectively.

1.7.5 Marketing Campaigns

To be effective in marketing you need to know what results you want and how to develop a marketing campaign that will deliver these result – this is what you will learn in this work book.

1.7.6 Marketing Implementation

You will learn how to execute a marketing strategy, including the implementation of a tactical marketing plan.

It’s no good becoming an expert in marketing if you can’t execute it and produce results.

You will not achieve any results from marketing if you don’t take action. This workbook shows you how to take action and the results you can expect.

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Licence Agreement

You are allowed to download the files and use them to help you grow your business. You are not allowed to use them to help others to grow their business making money from the process. If you are a business coach and would like to use the workbooks, I have a white version you can rebrand. We can negotiate the terms. The workbooks are copyright protected to Freedom Business Coaching Ltd. Just make contact.