Module 2 – Planning

Now that you have clarity and direction, let’s give the business clarity and direction.  We need to give it a destination, somewhere to go.

Before we do that let’s see where your business is right now in terms of business development.  To do this we have prepared a small 15 minute business audit for you to do. This will give you a bench mark so we can measure your future progress. We will also look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a SWOT analysis; this will help to give direction.

Where do you see the business in 3 years time?  If you don’t set a destination the business will go nowhere.  The first thing to look at is the business audit workbook, this will allow you see where your business is at the point in time. We can then move on to develop your vision and mission in the clarity and focus workbook.

The next stage is to set your business objectives, the things that will deliver your vision. Your business plan by the way, will not be two inches thick, it will fit on a single sheet of paper and it will be a powerful document.

The most important step is executing the business plan.  No action No success. We will show you how to execute your plan even in a busy business environment.

Finally we are going to help you create your elevator pitch so you can communicate your business story within 60 seconds. As the leader of the business you own the business plan, the vision and mission.  It’s your job to communicate it to your customers, employees and suppliers.

Why Bother?
Business planning will give you clarity and direction, your job then is to give clarity and direction to your employees.  This is the beginning of operational excellence. Your Ideal Business Mentor will help you.

Paul GarrattPaul Garret – Urban Space Products
“Bob has helped me take my business to the next level.  The planning tools have given us some structure and have allowed us to see what is possible.  I found the business audit workbook very useful as I could see where I was in my business development. The lessons have most definitely helped us focus on our future. Most people go into business to make money, have more free time to enjoy their life and many aspire to a wealthy early retirement. Bob will help you achieve all of these things and will ease the stress along the way”.

Business Audit & Planning Lessons

1.2.1 The Business Audit

You will learn where your business is in relation to achieving true Business Class. This simple business tool shows you where to focus and provides a great benchmark to monitor progress.

Knowing where each of your business functions is up to in terms of the key activities to make it a success and understanding what needs to be done first to make the greatest impact will allow you to grow your business in a managed and controlled way.

1.2.2 Clarity & Focus

This workbook answers the question, why am I in business? You will learn how to write a clear and well defined Vision Statement.

This workbook focuses on Business Purpose; understanding what your business is all about and defining what makes it a success.

With a simple and clear vision of the business that you want to create, you will have clarity, direction and motivation to achieve it.

1.2.3 Setting Objectives

You will how to set objectives and actions that will drive them forward.

Objectives move your business towards your vision. The completion of objectives builds your business into the business you want.

1.2.4 The Five Step Business Plan

You will learn how to complete your single sheet five step business plan.

Once you have set out your business plan you will have set your objectives for the year. You can then set about achieving them, moving you towards your vision.

1.2.5 Objective Achievement

You will learn how to achieve your objectives in a clear and process driven way.

Many people fail to achieve objectives or they take too long to achieve them. This workbook will give you a process and system to successfully deliver your objectives, driving your business towards your vision.

1.2.6 SWOT Analysis

You will learn how to look at your business and the members of your team in terms of their Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT); and how to use this to strengthen your team and your business.

A SWOT analysis enables you to look objectively at your business and your team. It enables you to go deeper into the success factors that will help you breakthrough to the next level and give you a better chance to succeed. It will also enable you to identify risks to your business and therefore equip you with the knowledge to enable you to reduce or manage them.

1.2.7 The Elevator Pitch

You will learn how to create and write an elevator pitch that you can use to communicate who you are and what you do in an accurate and simple way that people will understand immediately

Being able to communicate what you do quickly and effectively so that people understand it, especially in networking situations, will create interest in your business.

Your elevator pitch is about making your marketing message simple and to the point.

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Licence Agreement

You are allowed to download the files and use them to help you grow your business. You are not allowed to use them to help others to grow their business making money from the process. If you are a business coach and would like to use the workbooks, I have a white version you can rebrand. We can negotiate the terms. The workbooks are copyright protected to Freedom Business Coaching Ltd. Just make contact.