Module 8 – Sales

The previous module shows you how to generate qualified leads but they are no good if you can’t convert them into orders.

Question: What comes first lead generation or lead conversion?

Answer: What’s the point of generating qualified leads if you can’t convert them?

Before we show you how to sell, let’s make it simple by understanding how the customer mindset works. How do customers buy?  What mental processes do they go through in their conscious and subconscious thinking?  Understanding these principles makes selling a lot easier.

The core success factors for selling are:

  1. Prospecting – Understanding who makes a good prospect
  2. Presenting – Spending time with good prospects, and learning about them and how you can help them.
  3. Closing – Asking for the order

The more competent you become on each of the sales functions the more success you will have. If you are weak on any of them work on the weakness as this will make a difference.

Why Bother?
We will show you the new sales model.  Using this model the customer will close the sales for you from the work you did in prospecting and presenting. The new sales model is a simple step by step process that works.

Once you know how to sell, it becomes a very pleasant job, as all you are doing is meeting and helping people solve their problems.  You can reframe selling to helping.

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Sales Lessons

1.8.1 Introduction to Sales

You will learn some of the basic principles of sales and be able to see where you are in terms of your sales skills

You need to learn this so you have a fundamental understanding of the principles of sales

On completion of the workbook you will be prepared to study and learn the knowledge from the remaining work books in this module

1.8.2 Customer Mindset

Understanding the buying thinking process will help you understand why you have to focus on the emotional sell. It will open the door to more sales

You will be able to write compelling selling copy, and ask open ending questions during your prospect meetings, knowing why you have to dig into what prospects are really thinking about, while you are presenting to them.

1.8.3 Prospecting

One of the greatest time wasting and sales failures is understanding the principles of prospecting. Good prospecting will deliver the most sales and profits from the least effort. Wasting time seeing the wrong prospects is soul destroying and is not a good use of time. You will learn the process of prospecting and will learn how to use the prospecting tool that will make it easier for you.

1.8.4 Sale Presentation and Pitching

You will learn the difference between the old and new sales models, relationship selling, listening skills, needs analysis questions and how to present a winning pitch

You need to learn this so you have the knowledge and skills of the modern sales person who is up against very sophisticated customers who have more choice today than any other time in the history of the world. You need an edge, this workbook will give you that edge

1.8.5 Closing

You will learn how to handle objections easily and how to ask for the business without it being a stressful experience.

You need to learn this because most sales fail at the end. This is because we ourselves do not like to be sold to. Learning the skills and knowledge of how to close the sale by reframing the whole situation into a consultation and helping people solve their pain and problems makes it a lot easier.

1.8.6 Sales Effectiveness

Having a ready made system that will help you keep track of your sales goals will help keep you on track. Just spending no more than one hour a week you will be surprised by your results. The results you achieve will be plotting your actual sales against your planned sales. Your job is to make sure your actual sales are above your planned sales, if not you have more selling to do.

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