Module 5 – Winning Teams

Winning Teams
Every successful person I know says the same thing. They could not have done it without their team. You cannot build a successful business that has real value to sell, by yourself.  It needs to be capable of running without you pulling the strings.

Your critical success factors for success are:

1 Know exactly what you want – People like to be lead by someone who knows what they want

2 Give your business purpose – A destination with a vision, a mission, cultural and brand values that your team can follow

3 Objectives – People like to work towards something

4 Organisation – A structure in which people understand their positions, roles and responsibilities.  Set employee goals that are aligned with the strategic objectives of the business, measured using key performance indicators.

5 An effective appraisal system –  Where people can express themselves and climb the ladder for their personal success

6 Recruitment – employing the best 10% of any job roles and pay level. Employing (A) quality people, without an ego, who are self disciplined and get on with the job.

7 Good communications – Communicating with your people on a regular basis. Your people will look to you for clarity, direction and inspiration.

Successful business people know what they want and build teams to deliver it

Why Bother?
Your people are your ticket to financial freedom.  Support, coach and train them, give them a reason to get out of bed – create a great culture.

Many business owners get the people thing all wrong and get frustrated with people not doing what they want them to do. This is nonsense.  Good leadership skills with good people management skills will make your business more fun and productive, so your people will want to get out of bed and work for you.

We will teach you Business Psychology.  How to understand what makes people tick and how to motivate them.

Winning Team Lessons

1.5.1 Team Leadership

Learning what you are good at and, perhaps more importantly, what you are not so good at is key if you are looking for real success. There has been no truly successful person who has done it on their own, who hasn’t built a team for success. Can you name one person you know who has achieved incredible achievement by themselves? Knowing what you need to work on to become a better leader will help you build your dream team quicker.

1.5.2 Organisation

Even if your business is a one person business, you need to think about organisation. You may be responsible for everything and perform all aspects (jobs) of the business, but it’s important to know what those jobs are and how they interact with each other. When a business grows it needs to be organised, this workbook will show you how to get organised to get results.

1.5.3 Motivation

This workbook covers the psychology of motivation, what motivates and what de-motivates us and others around us.

No businessman has been successful without a team behind them. Getting your team out of bed and wanting to go to work, can only help you achieve your business objectives. Leading that team and motivating them is your role as the business leader; understanding how motivation works and how to motivate team members is key to your success.

1.5.4 Behaviour

Understanding why people behave the way they do and knowing what motivates both good and poor behaviour is key to success. Learning how to identify your own behaviour traits and how to influence them is the first step in learning how to influence others. Mastering how to change behaviour will allow you to develop skills to help others improve their performance.

1.5.5 Personality Profiling

This workbook on Winning Teams Module will provide you with a greater understanding of personality profiling. Specifically, it will provide you with the tools to help you to determine and understand your own personality type plus those of the members of your team. Using these you will be able to determine if you have the right combination of personalities to take your business where you want it to go.

1.5.6 Brilliant Teams

Understanding the dynamics of a team and the roles required to deliver it’s objectives will enable you to create brilliant teams; teams that achieve, are successful and grow in ability. Understanding strengths, weaknesses, talent and knowledge will allow you to play to those traits and create dynamic teams that will deliver the objective, every time! Brilliant teams create brilliant businesses.

Then going on to project development and planning, this workbook provides a template for running projects that succeed.

1.5.7 Top Grading

You will learn how to hire and keep the best employees.

Because “A” Players:

  • Perform better
  • Make more money
  • Experience less stress covering for underperformers
  • Create more shareholder value
  • Most companies hire “A” players only 25% of the time! Our mission is to have help you attain a 90% “A” player recruitment strategy to maximise your business potential

1.5.8 How To Coach Your Team

Coaching helps develop improved productivity. Coaching helps people in many ways, by learning the right questions to ask at the right time, together with listening skills, you will find you will help your team members in ways you may not have thought possible.

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