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Sometimes we need to work out what we need to do next. Sometimes it is better to read and learn by yourself, and sometimes it’s better to work with others, find solutions and direction, and move forward.

Leadership in The Trenches

Watch and learn how to dig yourself out of a situation and to come out the other side a winner.

We all struggle at some point in our business journey. I know I did, read my story it’s about struggle, then finding the way forward.

The video explains part of it.

Good luck and shoot for the stars.



Read how others have appreciated the work we do. I love getting a testimonial, it’s better than money. They make all the hard work worthwhile. I have just had a year out and was missing this side of my life.

Steve GreensillBob has an infectious enthusiasm for business, backed up by many years’ experience of building his own group of companies and helping others to achieve success in theirs. Any owner manager who is serious about expanding potential for themselves and their business should talk to Bob.

Steve Greensill, Director – Pursglove & Brown Accountant

Freedom Business Coaching referralYou facilitate communication, direction and the ability to move forward. You do this by helping us to clear the wood from the trees. One of our key issues was our egos and personality conflicts that got in the way of progressing our company forward. Your facilitation cleared a path and gave us the clarity and direction we needed.

Nick Earlam, CEO – Plexus Cotton

David FordI have just completed the Business Upgrade program with Bob being my coach. I wasn’t sure if the program was for me, but as it turned out I got a lot from it and the depth of experience and knowledge Bob has within the industry has been invaluable. I now have a clear path and direction to grow my business. I will work with Bob again in the future when I reach the next step. I would refer Bob Evans to any up and coming business owner, he makes business simple to understand and has a great understanding of marketing.

David Ford  – David Ford Enterprises

Andy FlatmanBob is extremely experienced with business & strategy, he understands how to implement his experience and knowledge and enforces this within companies to accelerate growth.

Bob is currently training me to help improve my knowledge and skills within sales, he has a great way of understanding my abilities and nurturing my success. He gives me a clearer view of the future and helps me to succeed with my targets, goals and achievements.

Since working with Bob my sales have increased by 100% – I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to increase their strengths and abilities and fulfil their potential.

Andy Flatman – PH Creative

Kevin Collins
Kevin Collins

Bob has helped me and my business in making the changes we require inorder for us to grow the business to be a success. His motivation and skills are first class and I would highly recommend him if you want to grow your business. In the short time we have been working together his knowledge and contacts can help anyone who is willing to listen.

Kevin Collins, Managing Director – CB Renewables

Marc Roberts
Marc Roberts

We employed Bob this year to assist us in restructuring and refocusing our business. With his dynamism and his honest and straight-talking approach he has succeeded in changing our mindset and focus and provided us with the skills we need to make our business a success.

Marc Roberts, MD – Lovelock Mitchell Architects

Jack DotchinBob is a fantastic business coach and person to work with! His in depth knowledge of business processes and client management helped both myself personally and our wider business. Bob has also provided me with valuable one to one coaching to help meet my ongoing career aspirations. Thanks Bob

Jack Dotchin – PH Creative

Bob is a dynamic and focused leader and business coach. An expert in his field and an experienced businessman and entrepreneur. Having “been there and got the T-shirt” is one advantage in business. However, maintaining drive, enthusiasm and the ability to make key decisions whilst retaining objectivity is a bundle of skills that enables businesses to maintain an edge. Bob has this in buckets.

Steve Lloyd DipM – Steve Lloyd Marketing

Helen PritchardBob is business coach and the man you need. Whatever your business, whatever your mindset, whatever your goals. He will flick the switch and you will be selling more, getting more referrals, making more money and growing more than you ever thought possible.

He met me, assessed me, diagnosed my blocks in minutes and put on the path to growth within less than an hour. He is my go-to man for just about any business question, concern or for those times when you need someone to say JFDI.

Bob is a master connector too – believe me if he can help you, he will. Bob should be the first name on your team sheet for business strategy. He doesn’t need this referral, but I like to tell the world about the Business Upgrade Program and business support by Bob.

Helen Pritchard – Blue Sky Digital

Having only recently become acquainted with Bob, I am already in his debt for the blast of energy he has injected into my business plans and digital marketing strategy. Bob is a no-nonsense, task oriented, strategy driven leader and business coach, with a great talent for cutting straight through the crap to get to what really matters.

If you’re looking for a Business Coach or Growth Accelerator Business Coach you’ll be hard pushed to find someone with a stronger pedigree in turning businesses into successful self-propelled money machines.

Bob’s advertised sector of expertise is Construction & Construction Marketing, but I would argue that his skills and experience particularly his results focussed approach to Social & Internet Marketing is universally relevant to any forward thinking business person, who’s serious about building a successful enterprise.

Oh and his energy and enthusiasm are infectious. He loves what he does and when you meet him it’s easy to appreciate why he has been so successful in his own right.

A genuine all round great guy and good business coach!

Steve Smith – Hyperext

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