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You will find a large library of business articles articles on this page. The topics cover leadership, marketing, sales, winning teams, finance, processes and systems. Scroll down or select a topic to study. Please feel free to share the articles or use them on your site. We just ask you to link them back to this site.

, Small business coaching

Leadership Development Coaching The best way to explain what leadership development coaching is all about…

Building Business Value, Process and Systems, Critical Success

Building Business Value Executive Summary Before I begin to work with a new client we…

Entrepreneurial mindset, success as an entrepreneur, business coach wanted

The Entrepreneurial Mindset Entrepreneurs have special qualities, they aren’t different qualities, all they have decided…

Elevator pitch

How to Write an Elevator Pitch Being able to communicate what you do quickly and…

Four business stages, Business coach

 The Four Business Stages To FREEDOM It’s very easy to start up a business, it’s…

Sales Lessons, Introduction to business coaching, Leadership Development Coaching

Introduction to Business Coaching To begin with, let me tell you the story of the…

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Business Upgrade

Learn How To Succeed in Business. We all start off a business knowing a lot about our trade or profession, but very little about business and marketing.

When I grew my first business, I wanted to know everything about business yesterday.

Business Upgrade is a resource where you can learn any key business subject and implement it tomorrow.

  •  Leadership – Your why and your FOCUS
  •  Business Planning – Plan to win BIG
  •  Marketing Strategy – Take the advantage – Generate Leads
  •  Processes and Systems – Automate to free up your time
  •  Winning Teams – Your team will look after your business – your business will look after you.
  •  Finance – Knowing your numbers
  •  Marketing Communication – Sell more to more customers and make more money
  •  Sales – Conversion is the game you have to win

What’s Inside?

  • 4 Videos on how to build a money-making machine, including the e-book.
  • 3 Videos on Business Psychology – winning the mind game.
  • Module 1 – Leadership – 7 Foundation lessons to give you direction and FOCUS.
  • The Marketing Multiplier Tool and 270 Marketing Ideas. This tool is your ticket to making fast money. It’s a golden nugget!
  • Your only investment is your time. It’s our way to show you how to get started and to make profit.
  • What have you got to lose and more importantly what have you got to gain? – Go for it!