Business Audit

What You Will Learn:

Business Audit – You will learn where your business is in relation to achieving true Business Class. This simple business tool shows you where to focus and provides a great benchmark to monitor progress.

By repeating the Business Audit process in six and twelve months and then again at appropriate intervals, you will learn how to monitor and track your progress toward your improvement goals. You will also understand the importance of recognising achievement.

Why You Need to Learn This:

Knowing where each of your business functions is up to in terms of the key activities to make it a success and understanding what needs to be done first to make the greatest impact will allow you to grow your business in a managed and controlled way.

Business Audit Results

The immediate result of the Audit is a Radial Chart providing you with a graphical representation of your current position. The longer term result is the ability to continually measure your business growth with a simple tool.

Download The Book

Business audit

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How To Complete The Audit Video

Watch the video. I explain how to complete the workbook. It is very simple and takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed it will have a greater understanding of where your business is right now. You can then make a plant to drive it where you want to be in six or twelve months from now.

FREE Foundation Program

In the video, I talked about signing up to the foundation program. The button below will give you direct access with no sign up. The four videos above are included with more videos, books and tools to get you started. The big picture is to get you moving forward by giving you some inspiration.

I am always available if you need support. Good luck and I hope you you do get inspired.