business or a job

You haven’t got a business you’ve got a job.

Business or a job.  I have said this more than once to many clients.

It sounds harsh, but it’s only a little tough love.

The problem isn’t the business, its the business owner, my client. It’s due to poor leadership and a lack of business acumen.

But that’s OK. We all start at the beginning, and we can’t know everything as soon as the rocket/business lifts off from the launch pad.

You see, it’s about job role confusion.

The business owner does not yet understand his/her role in the business.

They think they have to be a doer.

No, no, no

The job description for the business owner is head-coach and strategist, with some management mixed in.

There are three core roles in a business.

The Leader – Adding equity value
The Manager – Managing profit/productivity
The doer – Delivering the sales promise

I see the percentage of work in many businesses look like this:

The Leader 0%
The Manager 20%
The doer 80%

But it should look like this:

The Leader 80%
The Manager 20%
The doer 0%

I know what it’s like to struggle in business and I know what it’s like to be successful in business. The difference between the two is time and Knowledge.

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Good luck with your business

Bob Evans

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