Business coach wanted

Business Coach Wanted

I am looking for Business Coaches within the UK.  You will see from this website, I am giving away a massive resource of business coaching lessons, workbooks and tools. This will generate leads all around the UK and I can only handle a small number.  I want to build a page that allows business owners to find a coach in their area.

There are no catches, no franchise, no sign ups, no fees. I just want to give the UK economy the boost it needs from the miserable productivity numbers we saw the other day.

“Why Am I Really Giving It Away” – I Can Read Your Thoughts…

It’s true that after retiring, I miss the adrenaline when I see the lights switch on in the eyes of a business owner. And I may well take on the odd client. But I would much prefer talented coaches benefit from the material, and in turn switch on far more lights.

We as business coaches can deliver improved productivity and profits for UK businesses. Image how many business owners there are between 25 and 35 years old who could leap frog ahead from our experiences and knowledge.


If you are interested I need a bio of say 300 words and an image 300 x 300 Let’s make it happen and improve our economy.

Take a good look around the site. If you like what you see and want to get involved send me your contact details by text or complete the form on the support page. Alternatively, you can direct message me from my LinkedIn profile.

Have you just sold, retired or left a business and are looking to share your experiences and knowledge with others and are not sure how to go about it? Go to the business lesson section and you will find a completed business coaching framework. Learn this material and you will find business coaching a fulfilling and pleasurable pastime. If you still want to earn money, the framework will allow you to keep clients longer than traditional coaching. The framework allows your client to learn by themselves, your job is to help them implement.

If you are not sure about anything get in touch via text, complete the form in the support page or direct message me from my LinkedIn profile

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