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Learn everything about business – If your goal is business success and wealth generation, keep reading.

I don’t know any successful business owner who has not dug into learning everything about Business.

The most successful business owners begin with Lead Generation. They know if they can’t crack this nut, they can’t scale up.

They become obsessed with marketing, communications, strategy, and the sales process. They test everything until they have cracked the code and can systemize the process.

They then go onto the next piston in the engine.

Business is simple, but people complicate it.

Any business has a fundamental process.

  • The objective – Yours and the businesses PURPOSE
  • Lead Generation – Marketing
  • Lead Conversion – Sales
  • Delivering the sales promise – Operations
  • Getting Paid – Finance

I call this process the business engine. The engine has four pistons, marketing, sales, operations and finance.

For the engine to work effectively and take you to your destination as fast as possible, all the Pistons have to work together.

The problem is, not many businesses have all pistons firing at the same time, and it causes struggle, stress, hardship and frustration.

The solution is to learn how to build a capable business engine that works.

Learn everything about:

  • Lead generation
  • Sales conversion
  • Operational capacity management and systematisation
  • Finance

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Most business owners struggle because they don’t take the time out to learn everything they need to know and understand about business.

Struggle, frustration and hardship doesn’t need to be the case. Spend a few hours per week to learn business the simple way.

About The Author

Bob Evans comes from the construction sector having grown a business from start up to a few million pound, then building a property portfolio before becoming a business coach.

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