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Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

A friend of mine Richard Parkes Cordock interviewed twenty-five successful entrepreneurs who were millionaires. He asked the same 20 questions to all of them and recorded the interviews. The interviews are available on audio. I have a number I can share with you. Just message me, and I can send you a link to the files.

Richard wrote a training program using this knowledge. I put a workbook together to teach the concepts of the mindset of a successful business leader.

Successful business leaders have special qualities, and they aren’t different qualities, all they have decided to do is use them. You already have all the qualities you need to be an entrepreneur. It is whether you choose to use them, and how you do it that makes the difference between having an entrepreneur or an employee mindset.

We are all born with the potential to become a success. Humans are a race of “Positive Creators”; everything we see has been created in our minds first, therefore, it is in our genes to build.

To be an entrepreneur means you have to create something from nothing. Everyone has the ability, but only a fraction of us use it to its potential.

One of the key reasons for this is that our mindset is generally created through our life experiences which in turn are influenced by the people we spend time with.

The most significant time for the developing mindset is our early years; your ability is built upon your beliefs, the very things those around you during your youth help shape.

Some people have a lot of work to do to identify which beliefs are limiting them from achieving their true potential, others less so. Whichever you are though, belief is the thing that will enable you to tap into your true potential.

You will learn about the following topics:

The highest paid work activity
That often You are the problem
Difference between the Employee and Entrepreneur mindset Passion before Profit
The 12 qualities of an Entrepreneur
Limiting beliefs
Modelling from success

Download the workbook>> and complete it.

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