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Business Purpose

Business Purpose

Now you know your personal purpose you can now design your business to deliver it.

I remember going on a mountain walk with a physical trainer. He was an ex-Royal Marine and loved the mountains. He ran a gym and took business people on business team building programs. He told me he didn’t want to grow his business because money wasn’t important to him. He just liked doing the job.

I asked him what would his dream if money was not an objection. He said he would love to live in the mountains with his family. I said, to do that, how much money would you need, he told me, and I said next. “Let’s design your business to deliver it”. He agreed.

I have written a business purpose workbook. It’s simple stuff but will give you some ideas of the purpose your business.

For example how big is your game? You will think differently if your game is £250,000 turnover compared to £25,000,000.

Being true to yourself is also vital. For example, do you honestly have the:

Desire – Do you want to achieve your business purpose?
Belief – Do you believe you can achieve your business purpose?
Self Esteem – Do you deserve to achieve your business purpose?

You need all three to success, fail in one, and it’s all over. Learn more about this concept in the workbook.

Business Class

All businesses go through a number of phases. From the early days of being a start-up, most will move into a stage where the struggle seems never-ending; businesses struggle for many different reasons. Moving your business out of struggle and into Business Class takes knowledge, determination and a lot of energy, we know, we have done it.

Business Class companies are different from your standard run of the mill business in a few ways:

  • They know where they are going
  • They set up teams to get them there
  • They are Customer Focused

So, we have discussed our destination, we will deal with teams later on in the Program, learn more in the workbook.

Download the workbook and complete it.

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