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Setting Business Goals

Business Goals

We as human beings are hard-wired for success. We have an ancient part of our brain that allows us to FOCUS. It’s there for survival. If you got distracted when hunting millions of years ago, the family would starve, and we would be here today.

Business Goals – Imagine millions of years ago sitting around a fire working out what food we would hunt for tomorrow. We made plans even then, so why not get that part of your brain working today.

You can do this by setting a goal or a small number of goals. They can be personal, family, financial, business goals and many other types.

Setting a goal is like setting the target for a missile. Once it’s locked in, it finds it’s way. Sometimes it gets blown off target, but then readjusts. It’justs just like a goal you set for yourself. You may go off course sometimes but belongs you keep the goal in mind you will eventually succeed.

I would only set no more than three goals at a time. If you take on too many goals, you may not complete any of them. For the best results, you want a primary goal. One thing to achieve at a time.

The things to think about when setting goals are:

  • Have a desire. What is it you want?
  • Visualise it.
  • Write it down
  • Set a deadline
  • Identify obstacles
  • What do you need to learn?
  • Who can help you?
  • Make an action plan
  • Never give up

I have a workbook to make this process easy. It will download immediately, no sign-up required. If you like it, please share.

Thanks, Bob Evans

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