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Personal Purpose

Personal Purpose

The majority of businesses are created with a dream or whim and begin with little planning or an exit strategy. People see a gap in the market, have a great idea or just think they can do it better than their boss. All good reasons, but without setting a personal purpose what’s the point?

A personal purpose will give you drive. It’s a reason to keep going when the going gets tough.

My Story – FREEDOM to do what you want

About 20 years ago when I was building my business, another businessman said to me. “Why are you in business?” Gosh, that was a hard question to answer at the time. I said, “it’s a job”.

He said, “what do you think about the word freedom?”

“That sounds like a good word,” I said. He then told me to get the freedom you need to become financially free and to do that you need to grow and build your business.

For me that was it. I made a plan, found a mentor and did just that. We invested profit wisely to enable my financial freedom.

This is why my business is called Freedom Business Coaching. For me, it’s about growing business for financial freedom. Financial freedom allows you to do what you want to do with your life.

In my case, it’s about family, love. Friends, walking in the mountains, travelling, having fun and sharing my experiences with others. These are my purpose to live.

The workbook. will help you understand a little more and will give you a template to complete. This will make the process very easy for you.

I have a workbook to make this process easy.

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