Business Mentoring

Business Mentoring

FAST TRACKING For people who have been in business for some time and want to take their business to the next level. I have a fast track method to business growth.

The method uses the principles of TOC The theory of constraint. The idea is simple, we identify the biggest constraints in the business and fix them. This opens up capacity and throughout generating more profit. If this sound good to you, make contact for a chat. There is a form below.

Mentoring and coaching only works if the chemistry between us is right. I only coach and mentor people who are open to new ideas, concepts and are willing to implement. I like to work with people for a few sessions at no cost. This takes down the money barrier and we can see if the chemistry works. As you may be able to detect, I say it as it is.

Learn a little more about the concepts below:


When I was building my construction business, we got stuck on a turnover of £1.5m for three years, I just could not move the business forward, and then we found the breakthrough and over the following years added £1.5m to the turnover each year. The turnover figures went, £1.5, £1.5, £1.5, £3.0, £4.5. £6.0, £7.5

The breakthrough came from strategic marketing and developing the operations until we became the best in our field, through processes and systems.

Are you stuck at the moment and looking for a breakthrough?

Operational Excellence. If you can build a business that can outperform your competitors in every way, you would have created a business with an outstanding competitive advantage.

Once you have your competitive advantage and can outperform your competitors, you can then begin to offer your customers and your competitor’s customers a mafia offer, an offer the customer cannot refuse. This is how your business will grow.

How easy is Easy?

Business coaching The theory of constriant You begin to grow your operational performance by identifying the root causes of your poor results.  There are normally only a few and once found can begin to transform your business, (Notice the green curve below).  Once you have implemented the changes that cause the greatest results, you can continuously improve all systems. You can see the curve slows down, this is normal.

As your operations improve you become more and more successful in delivering your products and services to the highest standard.  Your customer service becomes second to none, your people love coming to work and continually WOW your customers.  The word gets out that you are the best in your field, you achieve customer loyalty and your customers end up doing your marketing for you.

That’s operational excellence at work. Profit grows when your operation become lean and effective.

There are three critical success factors:

  1. Growing Sales
  2. Predicable and sustainable profits
  3. Systemised Management

The diagram below shows the process. To grow sales you need effective marketing and sales. To develop effective marketing and sales you need a competitive advantage. To have a competitive advantage you need operational excellence. To have operational excellence you need a winning team. And to develop a winning team you need a winning leader.


Build To Maximise Value

High quality customers with growing sales

A business with high quality customers that are loyal, give you repeat business and do your marketing for you by word of mouth are a great asset to your business. This has value.

Sustainable and growing profits

A business that constantly delivers sustainable profits year on year and gives a good return on investment has value.

A business that runs without you

A business that runs without you being there, has a quality management team and processes & systems that delivers your customer promise constantly and predictably, has value.

To build a business with value, that has a decisive, competitive edge and the capability to grow year on year in a big enough market, without taking any real risks.

Conditions of Success

To achieve the three critical success factors you need to have the necessary conditions in place, for example:

  • Effective sales
  • Effective marketing
  • A competitive edge
  • Excess production capacity
  • Top quality
  • Top customer service
  • Superior people
  • A great leader
  • Processes and systems
  • Effective operations
  • Good waste control and lean working
  • Optimised inventory

This is where the hard work begins. Do you think you are ready for Coaching and Business Mentoring?

Business Mentoring

If you are looking for a business mentor or coach and like the look and feel of this site, then why not arrange a telephone call.

I would prefer to get to know you over a few calls before we make it more formal. For me the chemistry has to be right and you need to have an open mind. Having a few sessions will sort this out.

It also gives you a feeling of value. Is it worth it?

Just so you know, my fee after the first few sessions is anywhere between £150 to £900 per month depending on your requirements, how fast you want to move and how much time you want to spend on your business.

Your real commitment is your time not your money.

To get the ball rolling complete the form and give me some times and days we can arrange a call. Give me your contact details and I will call or email you.

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