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Business Upgrade Program Content

The Modules and Workbook Titles

Module 1 – The Foundation Program

  1. Introduction to leadership
  2. Personal Goal Setting
  3. Personal Purpose & Values
  4. Business Purpose
  5. Entrepreneurial Mindset
  6. Personal Effectiveness
  7. Prioritising

Module 2 – Planning

  1. Business Audit
  2. Clarity and Focus (Where are we going?)
  3. Setting Objectives (How do we get there?)
  4. The One Page Business Plan
  5. Objective Achievement
  6. SWOT Analysis
  7. The Elevator Pitch

Module 3 – Marketing Strategy

  1. Introduction to Marketing Strategy
  2. Demographics
  3. Psychographics
  4. Positioning & Differentiation
  5. Look & Feel
  6. Your Strategic Marketing Plan
  7. Branding

Module 4 – Process & Systemisation

  1. Introduction to business systems
  2. Problem-solving
  3. Systems Inventory
  4. Visualising Order
  5. System Creation & Documentation
  6. Touch Points


Module 5 – Winning Teams

  1. Team Leadership
  2. Organisation
  3. Motivation
  4. Behaviour
  5. Personality Profiling
  6. Team Building
  7. Top Grading Recruitment
  8. How Coach Your Team

Module 6 – Finance

  1. Introduction to finance
  2. Simple financial plan
  3. Financial system
  4. Profit
  5. Cash flow

Module 7 – Marketing Communications

  1. Finding The Advantage
  2. Benefits
  3. How to write communications that sell
  4. Marketing communication
  5. Marketing campaigns
  6. Marketing implementation

Module 8 – Sales

  1. Introduction to sales
  2. Customer mindset
  3. Prospecting
  4. Sales pitch and presenting
  5. The Close
  6. Personal effectiveness

Your Options

FREE Program

Business Upgrade Free Program

FREE Business Upgrade Foundation Program To Give Your Business a BOOST

The foundation program begins with four videos on how to build a money making machine by building a business engine.

  1. The money making machine
  2. How to build the business engine
  3. Seeking out constraints and fixing them
  4. Geting organised
It has three videos on business psychology
  1. How to achieve anything
  2. How to lift your prices
  3. Achieving success

The last section is module 1 of the Business Upgrade Program. The module is Leadership and will help you set up your business with a solid foundation for growth. There are seven video and workbook lessons to get you started.

You will also find the Marketing Multiplier in the tool folder. This will help you make profit and money quickly to give your business a boost. It includes over 270 marketing ideas.

We all begin our businesses knowing very little.

Having some business support at the beginning is wise and will save you a lot of time.


The purpose of this program is to help you make some money so you can invest it in the full Business Upgrade program and or the Business Upgrade Premium program for rapid growth.

Business Upgrade

The Full Program

Get Good at Business and Marketing To Make More Profit

You get every thing in the FREE program, and then it opens up into the full program that includes all eight modules.

  1. Leadership: Setting up your business for success
  2. Planning: Plan to win
  3. Marketing Strategy: Take the advantage
  4. Process and Systemisation:Lean how to automate your business and free yourself up.
  5. Winning Teams: Build your winning team. No one can do it alone.
  6. Finance: Learn your numbers.
  7. Marketing Communication: Write communications that sell.
  8. Sales: Convert your leads into sales faster.

Each module contains between six to eight video lessons with a workbook. There are over seventy lessons in total.

The program also comes with two hours of business coaching to get you FOCUSED. If you require more you organise this with your coach.

£100.00 per month for twelve months

The difference between surviving in business and making lots of money in business is knowledge. All successful business people are hungry for knowledge and more success. It is part of their DNA.

Sign up to this low cost high value program and learn all about business and marketing and get the edge to drive your business forward.

Remember it comes with  coaching to get you FOCUSED. This is worth the investment without the lessons.


Rapid Growth Program

Rapid Growth

Sell More to More Customers to Make More Money For Your Future Security

The Ultimate Business Coaching Program for Rapid Growth

It’s the ultimate business coaching program because who else will give you a package like this one?

  • Immediate and Full Access To The Complete Business Upgrade Program. We want you to know what we know Worth £2,400
  • 12 Business Coaching/Mentoring sessions. Worth £3,600 + VAT
  • A done for you marketing and sales process to help you make money. Worth £2,400
  • A Guarantee that you will put £10,000 in your bank by the end of the coaching period. If you don’t, We will give you a full refund, no questions asked, no hassle.

Total Value – £8,400.00

Your Investment – £3,600.00

Paid in six monthly instalments of £600.00.
We are confident because we know you can achieve the goal if you are FOCUSED. If you have a business that sells a product or service to customers already, we will show you how to sell more to more customers and make more money.
This offer is only for business owners who meet our criteria.
This is the reason why we know it’s best to talk to understand if this is a program that is a good fit for both of us. Check my availability and book a call to suit your diary.

Best Value for guaranteed growth

Business Coaches/Mentors

If you are reading this page and you are a business coach/mentor, welcome. We are looking to grow our panel of business coaches. We are looking for business coaches/mentors who are sector relevant in all regions within the UK.

Our clients needs are important to us. We want to fit the best coach to the client to ensure we achieve the best results for the client.
It’s simple if your profile fit’s our clients needs we will introduce you to the client.

Check My Diary and Book a CALL


Licence Agreement

You are allowed to download the files and use them to help you grow your business. You are not allowed to use them to help others to grow their business making money from the process. If you are a business coach and would like to use the workbooks, I have a white version you can rebrand. We can negotiate the terms. The workbooks are copyright protected by Freedom Business Coaching Ltd.