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Introduction to Business Coaching

To begin with, let me tell you the story of the five stages of owning an elephant.

Phase 1 – You buy a baby elephant.  You are bigger than it is, can see a great future with it and foresee no problems.  You don’t have any skills in managing elephants, but you don’t see this as a problem.

Phase 2 – The elephant soon grows much bigger than you.  You are no longer strong enough to control it, and it takes over your whole life.  It pulls you along, leaving destruction in its wake.  It completely blocks your vision and you neither see nor know where you are going.  You are dragged along by it, and think there is no way to ever bring it under control.  It is ruining your and your family’s quality of life.

Phase 3 – You are one of the rare people who decide to take advice on how to become a professional Elephant Handler, called a Mahout.  You realise that in order to control your elephant, you need to stop walking behind it, ineffectively holding onto the reins as it pulls you along.  You accept that you have to learn how to manage it to get the most out of it.  To do this, you have to learn how to sit on top of your elephant where you can see where you are going, but also, with a little gentle touch with your feet on its ears, steer it in the direction you want to go.  In a short time, you will be running the elephant instead of it running you and ruining your life.  As a result of accepting that you need help, and as a result of taking professional advice, it is soon fulfilling your original dreams.

Phase 4 – Once you have learned how to control your elephant, and it won’t take long, you can then hire and train your own Mahout to manage the elephant for you, while you ride in the canopied howdah, sitting back and enjoying the view.

Phase 5 – While you are enjoying the journey, you have time to think, and one day decide to buy another elephant, but this time with its own Mahout; then another and another.  Before you know it you have many elephants. One day somebody offers you a tidy sum for your herd of well managed elephants.  You then go off and do all the things that you dreamt about.  You may even try and do it all over again!

By an unknown author and adapted by Bob Evans

This  story demonstrates some basic principles of business. Have you ever had any formal business training?

Would you like to know a few fast track methods to accelerate your business growth that will cost you no money and you don’t even have to give your contact details?

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About the author: Bob grew a successful construction company from 1990 to 2005 and have been a successful business coach for the past 12 years. You can learn more about Bob and his process at Freedom Business Coaching


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