Winning Team Building for LEADERS

Winning Team Building for LEADERS

A team with people with drive and a great attitude make your life easy. They are self-motivated and just get on with it.

But there are others that may not have the same qualities.

Take a look at the types below. A good score is above 5 and a poor score is below 5. Think of team members and score them from 1 to 10 on drive, then attitude.

Good attitude/Good drive = Star
Good attitude/Poor drive = Supporter
Poor attitude/Poor drive = Walking dead
Poor attitude/Good drive = Terrorist

Stars – You want as many stars as you can, they are easy to manage and are self-motivated.

Supporter – Not everyone is highly driven, a good attitude makes a good team member, they just need motivating.

Walking Dead – These people need a lot of support, you don’t want many if any in your team.

Terrorist – If you can change their attitude you have a star. What’s causing the poor attitude is the question.

You can support your team members once you have identified what you are dealing with. They can be mentored and coached to improve their drive and attitude. If they are not willing to change and move forward, then you may have to let them play for another team.

How to coach a person with a poor attitude and drive to an improved attitude and drive.

Behaviour is driven by belief systems and belief systems have been conditioned by others.

If a person has a poor attitude you need to dig deep to find out what is going on or has gone on in the past and undo it. But only if the person wants to do it.

The same applies to drive. What drives a person? What is their hot button and are you providing it at the moment.

This is a big subject, and everyone is different.

How many walking dead do you have in your business, and what are you going to do about it?

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